Tree removal

Resistograph Preventative Maintainance

We realize that during large stumps such as Hurricane Sandy you need action fast.  At our sister company we can take care of any challenge you need. 

More Than just Stump Removal - Our Sister Company - is a full service tree removal company service residential and commercial clients


24/7 Emergency Service 

We have a solution For all your Tree related requests

is your home at one with nature? let us help.

If you want a quote from us to remove unsightly tree stumps, contact us at 551-206-7870 or email us at

Nature is all around us, Craft yours beautifully by removing those unsightly stumps

Stump Removal

We have done thousands of stumps over the years.  From small stumps to ones over 7 feet across with all the feeder roots.  No job to big or to small

We offer free estimates and are fully insured to take care of any tree related item that you may need. Removal - trimming - Safety Assessments - We do it all!

At our goal is make your yard a safe and happy place to enjoy all year round.  By removing those stumps you can avoid tripping hazards and have the nice lush green yard you always dreamed up.

It is as simple as calling us at  551-203-7870 or emailing us at

The owner of Stumpremovalpros and is on each and every job guiding his qualified team to ensure a safe, fully insured, work area. 


Using our state of the resistograph we can determine how strong a tree is and if it will need to be removed or not as well as if it poses a current danger 

Making Yards Safer and beautiful 1 stump at a time