Making Yards Safer and beautiful 1 stump at a time


Feeder Roots - At times the feeder roots of the stump may be an added line item charge that we will clearly write on your estimate.  Some times trees have feeder roots that extend 5-10 feet away from the tree.​

If you need a quote, you can call us at 551-206-7870, email us at and or email us a few pictures of  the stump along with your address where the work is to be done.

Our Levels of Service That We Provide

Tree Replacement - We can provide you a cost to replace trees around your home as well.  Typically you can not put a tree exactly where an old one is removed.  Call us for a free quote.

Stump Grinding - We grind the complete stump and the mound (the hump) so when we finish you can level the ground, add topsoil, sod, and have a nice flat ground.